From the recording Songs About Dogs

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No Dogs Allowed

I wanna walk, and never stop
I want to see, what I can be
I want a chance to dance and be what I be
I want to come to the party, heart on my sleeve
But just when I thought I could run with the crowd
Saw the sign on the door said No Dogs Allowed……you’ve got to be kidding me.

I wanna live, way up high
When I reach, I touch the sky
Don’t want to pay to play and miss all the fun
Don’t want a smack on the back, don’t be the one
Wherever you go there’s always one in the crowd
That says pick up your things, No Dogs Allowed.

I like to sing, that’s my thing
I like to dream, I like to scream
You must be kind to my mind, please let me in
I’m gonna play in the game, cause I like to win.

They shut me out, no fair, I won’t be loud
He said, “it is what it is”, No Dogs Allowed
I’m gonna live, I’m gonna give
To the top, I’ll never stop
I’m gonna dress the best, don’t hold me down
You’re gonna miss my face if I don’t go to town
Finally time, gonna do what I vowed
I won’t let you say it No Dogs Allowed